Friday, March 25, 2011


Dear all,

My name is Nuno Oliveira - nick name nol - and this is my personal blog. I started using Microsoft Excel a long time ago as part of my daily work (creating reports, analyzing data, etc). Soon I found that I had a great tool on my hands and I was interested with all features that Excel has to offer, like formulas, macros, VBA programming and interaction with other applications (like Oracle, SQL, Access, Teradata and so on…)

I decided to create this blog as my space for sharing what I learn about Microsoft Excel. Here, I hope share and learn new tips,tricks and ideas.

So, if you would like to contact me, please fill free to send me an e-mail to


  1. Dear Nuno,
    As a friend and as a working colleague, my congratulations for the creation of this blog. The idea of sharing information is great! On our daily work, all of us feel the necessity to learn more and share knowledge. Well done!! Go for it!! Carlos

  2. hi Nuno,

    looking forward to reading your articles... no doubt it will be quality work !!

    regards from Southern France


  3. Hi Nuno,

    Nice blog, interesting posts! It´s nice to know that there is more people in portugal knowing about data visualization, dashboards, etc. We should talk, we are almost neighbours.

    Take care,

    Jorge Caldeira

  4. Hi Nuno,
    Great blog, very useful. I will look into on a regular basis.
    For what I see now you keep improving it.
    Well Done!
    Or, like we were used to say, in my previous job, "BOM TRABALHO!"