About me

My name is Nuno Oliveira - nick name nol. I am a portuguese citizen and live in Barcarena, near from Lisbon.
Here with two of my paintings

I am working as Project Manager of Information Management in a wholesale company (international company). I am in this company since 1993...

A brief summary of my work:
Project Management; Business Processes & Business Intelligence (processes, strategy and applications); Financial experience in aspects of accounting, auditing and financial management;

Experience in project management methods, project planning and in the use of project management software; Knowledge of retail / wholesale processes on central and store level; Knowledge of accounting / financial processes; Analytical and structured working methods; Information Security

Personal interests
Art (painting and sculpture), photography, travel and motorcycles

I have three children (two boys and one girl). They are the most important thing... But give me a headache and time is short for me...  ;-)

I hope you enjoy this blog and welcome suggestions, feedback, questions can be reached at: xlsnol@gmail.com

Skype contact: nuno.h.oliveira


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