Thursday, April 28, 2011


Communication is key. Information on what, how and when you plan start your report project. Disclose the responsibilities of each person involved in the process and be clear on what you want and need. A proper planning ensures you will meet your goals.

A good gap analysis enables you to set goals for improving your project. You may not be able to set ideal goals, KPI´s, scorecards, etc… Communicate. Develop strategies for improvement. Take the chance to create a report(s) that will give to your business what is needed.
Executive leadership needs to be active. Executive leadership needs to be active to support you. Since they set company strategy, they need to be involved in how the metrics are linked to achieving it.
Data visualization. Display them in charts, graphs, and diagrams, to show what you're trying to do and how your colleagues are involved in delivering information.
Respond quickly. Your report(s) must provide feedback promptly. They should not take a long time to yield data.
Be simple. They must clearly communicate the information you need. Avoid setting up complex measurements that are difficult to use. You want direct information.
Drive only important activities. Make sure they relate to regular activities and processes of your business. You need to assess the most important factors to measure and then make sure that what you examine will result in information that's relevant.

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