Sunday, April 24, 2011

Do you follow the results of your business anywhere, any time?

On my daily work I have created an excel file with some macros to get data from a Oracle and a Teradata database and fill a dashboard with sales. This excel file works alone, every hour and send me an e-mail where I can follow the sales results of the company. With this option I can be updated on a hourly basis and see anywhere, any time using a smartphone like a Blackberry, a HTC or another one (if I am not in the office). How it works? Simple...

1º step: Create an excel file to get data from your data source and fill your dashboard (or any other report);
2º step: After get data and fill your report create another macro to send it by mail;
3º step: Create a macro to run all macros when excel file is open and close it alone;
4º step: Run this excel file with Windows Task Scheduler on a hourly basis (or other);

Excel and Windows will do the work for you and you will be updated anywhere, any time! 

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